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Job Title: CNC Machinist - Grinding Machine
Company Name: Tecomet
Contact Person: Cary Revilla
Business Phone: 561-842-7175
City: Riviera Beach
State: Florida
Website URL:
Qualifications: Must be able to use the following software tools: Virtual Grind & Virtual Grind Pro Must be able to use the following materials: 17-4, 400 series. 300 series Demonstrate ability to estimate time and cost to manufacture tooling & establish production process set p & cycle time Demonstrate complete proficiency programming CNC equipment Ability to utilize graphical & standard programming techniques to create &/or alter NC files that are error free & optimized to produce high quality parts with maximum efficiency & highest tool life possible Capable of calculating feeds & speeds for proper application of tooling based on set up rigidity & material being cut Possess ability to evaluate jobs for proper tooling application Capability to successfully integrate multi-axis surfacing into the programming environment utilizing the appropriate CAD models Fixture design and implementation capability Ability to evaluate process for improvements Ability to train lower level Machinists Ability to interact in positive manner with co-workers and supervisor Responsible to accomplish tasks with minimal errors & downtime with a view to increase productivity & efficiency Minimum 8-10 years related experience
Job Description: Must be able to operate the Rollomatic Machine Must be able to work to extreme precision tolerances Setup jobs from start to 1st piece inspection based on the Job Standard. Makes all adjustments to machine tool. Limited programming ability Performs “Process Capability Studies” Assist with training of lower level Machinists. Other duties as assigned.
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred