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Job Title: Machine Shop Supervisor
Company Name: Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc.
Contact Person: Valerie Taylor
Business Phone: 818-843-6715
City: Burbank
State: California
Website URL:
Qualifications: - Familiarity with typical machine shop tools and processes - lathe, mill, saw, drill, welding TIG and MIG, CNC - fluent Spanish / English - minimum 5 years experience in management and supervision - team player - adaptability to Company policies - preferred experience with Lean manufacturing
Job Description: Dynamic and established brand with 50 years of experience manufacturing production equipment for the television and film industries is seeking an established production supervisor. This position will assist an existing Plant Manager in managing a machine shop. Core competencies and expectations include monitoring steps of the process, observing control points and equipment, monitoring personnel and resources, implementing cost reductions, and developing reporting procedures and systems. You should be outgoing and energetic, compassionate and cooperative, imaginative and independent, agreeable and conscientious. You will set a standard of behavior that is both imitable and aspirational. Additional responsibilities will be to maintain quality services while establishing and enforcing organization standards. Compiling, initiating, sorting and analyzing production performance records and data will be an important part of Key Performance Indicators used in production staff reviews. You will provide coaching, counseling and discipline in conjunction with the Production Manager. You must be familiar with training employees on machine shop equipment and skills; you will be the point person on the floor at all times, answering questions regarding usage and proper technique. The position will be called upon to assist in minimizing set-up time, handling of production parts and zero-defect / on-time production disciplines for eventual implementation of a lean management system. You will lay the groundwork for a second shift as time demands. Good practice in developing and maintaining a team is essential. You will be working with long-term and loyal employees; you must be able to integrate into the company culture seamlessly to create a nurturing work environment.
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred