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Job Title: CNC Machinist
Company Name: Wyman Gordon
Contact Person: Lorrie Hayhurst
Business Phone: 843-506-8462
City: Dillon
State: South Carolina
Website URL:
Qualifications: Machine Tool Technology degree preferred. Requires use of job knowledge acquired over a period of 2 ½ years or more of on-the-job training or equivalent to set-up and operate all Machine Shop equipment. Must have machining experience equivalent to a multi-axis CNC Machine Operator. Must read and interpret complex blueprints, sketches and process sheets and use a wide variety of precision measuring instruments. Must have knowledge of shop mathematics. Requires considerable judgment in setting-up and operating all Machine Shop equipment. Requires making decisions involving the use of some ingenuity and initiative and the ability to recognize erratic and unprogrammed machine performance.
Job Description: Perform close tolerance machining on aerospace and industrial gas turbine components. Set-up and operate CNC milling and turning machines. Set up and operate all other machine shop equipment as required. Repair cutters, drills, and end mills. Obtain job assignments consists of process sheet and program manuscript from supervisor, production planner or programmer. Set tools as instructed in program. Set jaws and jacks as instructed. Set-up work in machine, using hoist or hand-controlled overhead crane. Setup and operate numerical controlled machines. Be familiar with general numerical control theory and how system operates. Be able to recognize deviations from normal sound and motion patterns of the machines. Set controls to operate at proper feed, speed and use coolants as required. Use precision measuring instruments, such as micrometers, level protractors, squares, verniers, gauge blocks, depth gauges, profilometers and numeri-probe vidi-gauges in setting-up and machining work to required tolerances. Check dimensions against process sheets, blueprints or sketches. Stamp and record W-G #, serial numbers or other required numbers that have been removed in the machining process. Maintain machines and work area in clean and orderly condition. Edit computer memory as required to change machining process. Perform other related duties in the department as directed by supervision
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred