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Job Title: CNC Machinist
Company Name: PrincetonOne
Contact Person: Damian Johnson
Business Phone: 412.927.3033
City: Rochester
State: New York
Website URL:
Qualifications: We are looking for Level 4 and Level 5 Machinist with the skill sets and abilities seen below: Level 4, Setup Machinist: Abilities: o Capable of efficiently setting up common jobs with little or no assistance. o Capable of working with advanced tooling and attachments. o Upper level Setup Machinists may have the ability to set up complex equipment and jobs. o Useful knowledge of GD&T and other advanced inspection concepts. o Can operate manual equipment to support production and setup activities, e.g., engine lathe, mill, grinders, etc. Experience: o This level should be within the reach of most machine shop employees. 3-5 years experience is typical. Level 5, Master Machinist: Abilities: o Capable of setting up the most complex machines, attachments, and processes using best practices. o Strong knowledge of advanced inspection concepts and tools. o Strong problem solving skills. o Ability to improve and refine processes. Experience: o Typically 5-10 years experience is required. Only a select few manage to attain this level. This can be a spring-board to other high level career paths such as manufacturing management, programming, and process development, etc.
Job Description: A Global Leader in Aerospace Manufacturing is seeking to hire highly motivated CNC machinists. This manufacturing facility has been revamped with state of the art equipment creating for a fast-paced work environment. We are looking for a talented individual to join our team in Rochester, New York. There is opportunity for advancement and a clear path to management for individuals that excel. Candidates for this position will be provided the opportunity to grow within an organization that has had only one work force reduction in the last 40 years. This is a non-union facility and is goverened by the employees themselves in order to provide a close knit family culture.
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred