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Job Title: CNC Set-up Machinist
Company Name: ConMed
Contact Person: Garrett Connors
Business Phone: 727-392-6464
City: Largo
State: Florida
Website URL:
Qualifications: 1. A minimum of five years experience in CNC machining or equivalent vocational/apprenticeship. 2. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions, demonstrate the ability to read blueprints and interpreting geometric tolerances. 3. Must meet basic metrology requirements.. 4. Must be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of cutting tools. 5. Can set up and run various types of CNC equipment and must possess CNC programming skills.
Job Description: 1. Set up and operate multi-axis CNC and/or manual equipment, tools and accessories for the fabrication and cutting of materials to process component parts. 2. Maintain close tolerance dimensions while producing parts at the rates established for a particular operation. 3. Identify and participate in resolving machining problems in order to produce defect free parts. 4. Ability to make offset changes on multi-axis equipment. To insure product that conforms to requirements. 5. Performs verification/validation of new set-up programs for new product or pre-production parts. 6. Performs in-process and first piece inspection. 7. Understands/edits multi axis G-code/M-code mill programs, multi axis G-code lathe programs and up to multi axis Mazatrol lathe programs as required.
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred