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Job Title: Tool and Die Maker
Company Name: American Standard
Contact Person: Katie Tobin
Business Phone: 732-980-3196
City: Salem
State: Ohio
Website URL:
Qualifications: Experience Using Lathes, shapers, drill presses,' Blanchard grinders, filing machines, slotters, mills, planers and similar machines. Precision gauges, such as micrometers,vernier gauges, solid and combination squares, surface gauges, protractors, files, wrenches, air or electric tools for grinding and fitting, hand tools, tip grinders, measuring scales, feeler gauges and similar tools.
Job Description: From complicated drawings, sketches, or verbal instructions constructs, repairs, and alters tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, and instruments by bench work, by layout, by machining and fitting. Performs any tool and die work without exception that may be assigned the tool room. Receives instructions or blueprints from foreman. Visualizes finished job and orders material if necessary. Makes layout as required. Constructs, alters, and repairs a variety of complicated dies, tools, jigs, fixtures, and instruments. Makes mathematical calculations and selects allowances for grinding, scraping, fitting, and finishing. Performs machine operations requiring a variety of setups and methods to maintain close tolerances. Sets up and operates machines such as: lathes, shapers, mills and similar machines. Does skilled bench work involving filing, scraping, grinding, lapping, fitting, assembling and adjusting to insure satisfactory performance. Uses cranes and hoists to assist in work. Makes and attaches die straps. Corrects some trouble found by die tryout men. Gives instructions to heat treater as to hardness of metal. Hork involves somewhat difficult machines and bench operations requiring a great deal of skill and knm1ledge of die and tool making practices. Observes safety regulations.
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred