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Job Title: CNC Lathe Operator
Company Name: APR Consulting
Contact Person: Jon Holland
Business Phone: 866-612-4464
City: Joliet
State: Illinois
Website URL:
Qualifications: SKILLS REQUIRED: ***MUST HAVE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE WITH Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Lathe or Numerically Controlled (NC) Lathe to be considered*** ***ALL MACHINIST APPLICANTS MUST PASS A BASIC CNC TEST*** - Previous factory experience - Good communication skills - Must be able to show up everyday and on time - Must have a willingness and ability to learn new things - Must have a good mechanical aptitude - Ability to Program, Read Blue Prints and previous assembly experience is a plus
Job Description: RESPONSIBILITIES - Performs a variety of functions to assemble hydraulic units. Sets up and operates test equipment to perform required test operations on such units. - Analyzes and diagnoses malfunctions and makes necessary adjustments and repairs. - Sets up and operates numerically controlled machines to perform a combination of machining operations where the feeds, speeds and cycle are fully controlled by encoded instructions. - Overrides speeds, feeds and adjusts offsets as required. May be required to operate machine manually to perform rework, missed operations or complete machining of piece parts. - Interprets machining programs, tool layouts, encoded instructions and prints as necessary to operate machines. - Machines included in this classification must meet the individual criteria as specified: 1. Sets up and operates N/C lathes to perform four or more functions per cycle (turn, face, bore, groove and other machining) to close tolerances. 2. Sets up and operates N/C machines to perform both of the following per cycle: A. A combination of distinctly different basic machine tool functions such as milling and drilling. B. Tools (i) Use of over 21 tools. (ii) Use of over 10 tools - one of which is adjusted to maintain close tolerance on size. SHIFT AVAILABILITY AND PAY: 1st Shift: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM 1st Shift Pay: $15.79 per hour 2nd Shift: 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM 3rd Shift: 11:00 PM - 7:00 AM 2nd/3rd Shift Pay: $16.09 per hour ***Expect opportunity for significant amounts of Overtime for all Shifts*** All candidates hired will spend their 1st week working the 1st shift to receive training and orientation. If interested, please respond with your resume and contact information
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred