Proctor Registration

For the online theory portion of the NIMS credentialing exam, the proctor does the
1.) Verify each candidate's photo ID.
2.) Have candidate sign into the NIMS Online Testing Center to purchase and/or start the test.
3.) When the candidate is ready to start the test, the candidate will fill in the test ID code. Complete the "Proctor Log-in" by entering your Proctor Code.
4.) Allow no talking during the exam.
5.) During the exam, the Machinery's Handbook or the Student's Shop Reference Handbook may be used for reference. No other reference materials are permissible. A calculator and pencil and paper are allowed for use in answering exam questions. Verify no other materials are used during the exam.
- Cannot be an Instructor in the training program or an instructor of the credentialing candidate.
- Cannot be immediate supervisor
- Cannot be a family member or friend of the candidate.
- Cannot be candidate's sponsor
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