Video Tutorials

Whether you are completely new to NIMS or maybe just a little confused by the layout of the new website and registration process, this is the page for you! Below you will find a series of video tutorials that walk you through some common tasks. These videos as well as all new videos can be found over in the Resources section of the site.

Searching and Filtering on the Resources Page

Find out how to narrow your search results when searching for material on our Resources page.

Candidate Registration

New to NIMS and want to earn some credentials? Watch the new candidate registration process from start to finish.

Account Administrator Registration

Account Administrators are teachers, trainers, and supervisors who oversee NIMS testing at a specific school or company. This role is a combination of two older roles, sponsor and organization administrator. Watch this video to see the registration process from start to finish.

Proctor Registration

Proctors oversee the online theory test portion of NIMS credentials. Watch this video to learn about eligibility requirements and responsibilities of the role, as well as see the registration process from start to finish.

Log In to the NIMS Website

This video covers how to log in to your NIMS account.

Taking A Test 

Not sure what is involved in taking a NIMS theory test? Watch this video to learn what you need before sitting down to take a test and to see the entire testing process from start to finish.

Mass Candidate Registration

Account administrators can use this video to learn how to mass register up to 20 candidates at a time.


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