Submitting Affidavits

Resource Description

This short video shows evaluators how to submit affidavits in the new testing center.


If the embedded video above does not load, please follow this link to watch the video tutorial on YouTube. Please note this video was done within the Google Chrome web browser and users experience will vary when using different web browsers.

  1. Login to your NIMS account. Once on the Welcome Screen click on the Testing Center link (located below your name).
  • If you have multiple roles you will need to look to the top right corner of your screen and use the drop down arrow to change your role to EVALUATOR.
  1. Once in the Evaluator role, look to the gray toolbar and select EVALUATE CANDIDATES.
  2. This will open a screen with all the candidates that you have been assigned to evaluate.
  3. Look to the column labeled Action and click on SUBMIT AFFIDAVIT. This will bring you to the electronic form of the affidavit, which eliminates the need to print off, hand write, scan in and wait for NIMS to process the affidavit.
  • If you do not see or cannot click the Submit Affidavit link it means that your Account Administrator needs to assign you to the candidate(s) as their Evaluator. Contact your Account Administrator to complete this step before moving forward.
  1. Complete the affidavit by following the prompts and answering all required questions.
  • Each affidavit will have optional questions allowing you to upload pictures of the performance. You are not required to complete these questions.
  1. Submit the affidavit by clicking on FINISH.
  • If you have not submitted pictures, you will be asked if you are sure you want to submit the affidavit with unattempted questions. Click on YES.
  1. Click on CLOSE. If you do not see the View Affidavit Submission screen (image below) you have not fully submitted the affidavit.