Performance Measure Development Requirements

Resource Description

The purpose of the requirements is to outline NIMS’ holistic approach to developing PMs and assessing performance. This methodology enables collaboration among educators, industry, policy makers, and community-based organizations in developing customized PMs, while maintaining alignment to industry standards.

This means that schools and companies will now be able to create their own custom projects for NIMS credentials for widespread collaboration including but not limited to:

  • Employers sharing their true performance needs within local education organizations
  • Top instructors and schools showcasing their projects
  • New or inexperienced instructors having access to projects that will enhance their industry and training skills
  • Training programs utilizing ready-made projects and learning from their peers
  • Students and employees having access to true job requirements of local employers
  • Stakeholders having a wide range of performance measuring gages to clearly identify gaps in performance and benchmark against other populations

For an in depth understanding of NIMS' New Performance Measure System, please click here (Performance Measure Launch Webinarto access the full recording of the PM Introduction webinar delivered by NIMS' Executive Director, Mr. Montez King on Nov. 12, 2019.  Please also view the full PowerPoint Presentation here: Performance Measure Development.