Online OJT Workshop

OJT Trainer Workshops provide essential knowledge to enable fully-competent and productive on-the-job trainers. This web-based course is geared toward company trainers, supervisors, instructors and anyone who delivers on-the-job training to new or incumbent employees. It includes one-to-one mentoring from our expert instructor and a chance to earn our industry-recognized, nationally portable OJT Trainer credential.

Training Topics:

  • Coaching
  • Communications
  • Conflict resolution
  • Developing training methodology
  • Training adult learners

The OJT Workshop is beneficial to businesses of any size and from any industry. No previous experience with NIMS is necessary. 


  • Experience as an on-the-job trainer or training supervisor
  • General computer skills (using Internet browser and navigating websites, ability to view, download, create, and upload files)

Workshop Experience Format:

Learning modules with videos, readings, and application-based assignments. These assignments are typically practical in nature and a way for learners to report their understanding of and ability to do activities related to OJT concepts and best practices. Workshop facilitators interact with learners by reviewing and providing personalized individual feedback on these learning assessments. Recorded skills demonstration activities are also included as required for the performance metric for NIMS OJT Trainer certification.

Computing Resources Required:

Access to computer and printing resources (desktop/laptop/tablet computer with Internet access, digital camera or webcam, printer)

Time Commitment Needed:

Approximately 8 hours to complete the web-based learning modules, module activities, and OJT skills demonstrations. Online OJT Workshop learners will have two weeks to finish all of the modules, submit the skills demonstrations, and take the certification test.

Cost and Availability

The price for the workshop is $1295 per person, and includes the cost for the OJT Trainer credential. The performance requirements for the credential will be fulfilled by successfully completing this course. This course must be completed before sitting for the theory exam.

Cohorts are available on a rolling, two-week basis. Dates will be posted below.

  • Apr 13 - Apr 26
  • Apr 27 - May 10
  • May 11 - May 24
  • May 25 - Jun 7
  • Jun 8 - Jun 21
  • Jun 22 - Jul 5
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Note: The OJT Trainer credential is a prerequisite to both the OJT Senior Trainer and OJT Training Coordinator credentials.