Apprenticeship Services

Whether you want to start a program from scratch, dust off an existing apprenticeship, or take your current program to a greater scale, NIMS can provide models, expertise, and experience to support and streamline your efforts. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will craft a workforce training solution that improves productivity while establishing a sustainable talent pipeline.

Let us assist with developing new apprenticeships or modernizing existing apprenticeships, choosing the right program model (time, hybrid, or competency-based), support USDOL or state-level registration, and collaborate with single employers or multi-company consortia.

Ultimately, our SMEs will provide:

  • Structured curriculum that combines on-the-job learning with theoretical competencies

  • Alignment with national industry standards

  • Custom-fit work process curriculum based on employer needs and job descriptions

  • Inclusion of national industry-recognized credentials as training milestones

  • Review of related technical instruction options

  • Defined entrance requirements and selection procedures

  • Apprentice hours and wage schedule models

  • Records management strategies

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