Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) Standards

NIMS Smart Standards are centered on job roles defined by collections of individual duties. These duties establish minimum performance requirements independent of specifications or tolerances.

Performance Measures (PMs) are practical experiences that validate an individual or team meets the minimum requirements to perform on the job. NIMS has developed a framework that organizations may use to design customized PMs to include specifications and tolerances most relevant to their operations. Organizations may also select pre-developed PMs from a NIMS catalog.

Knowledge Requirements are specified for each job role in the standard. NIMS theory tests validate successful retention of knowledge required to perform duties within a role.


How do these relate to current NIMS credentials?


The content of this standard is the result of hours of work from national Technical Work Group and has been validated by subject matter experts in industry and education. Material from the classic Industrial Technology Maintenance published in 2015 was combined and reconfigured to fit the state of industry today.

Standard ID: TBD

First Published: July 2020

Last Modified: July 2020