Paper Affidavits Not Accepted

NIMS no longer accepts paper affidavits. Instead, evaluators can submit at any time and instantly add them to the candidate’s account!


Who is an evaluator? Anyone who signs a performance affidavit (including those at the ends of CARs). Any existing MET-TECs will need to register as an evaluator at the organization for which they will submit affidavits. Instructors who sign off on CARs should contact NIMS to have that role added to their existing account.

How does an evaluator register? Like any other new user, fill out this registration form and then wait to be approved by NIMS within 1-2 business days. If you already have a NIMS account of any kind, DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN. Contact NIMS to have the role added to your existing account. We can also update your location as needed.  

How does an evaluator submit affidavits? Check out this tutorial video.

Account administrators are responsible for assigning evaluators. Evaluators can only be assigned after the test has been purchased on the candidate’s account. 


We understand that there are still situations that require NIMS to upload affidavits on your behalf. Exceptions will be made for any obstacles created by Testing Center functions until those limits are addressed. Contact NIMS for the updated upload portal link.