GD&T Trainer Workshop Instructor

Position Summary

The GD&T Trainer Workshop Instructor provides full service and on-site facilitation of two-day Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Workshops.  Instructors must possess a comprehensive knowledge of GD&T to adequately present workshop curriculum and hands-on activities.  Instructors will closely engage with workshops hosts and attendees prior to, during, and following workshops.  

Training requires three steps:

  1. Instructor candidates will attend one live workshop.  Candidates will participate in all activities, as would a regular attendee.
  2. Instructor candidates will receive one-day training from a NIMS representative. 
  3. Instructor candidates will attend one live workshop to shadow an existing instructor.

Reports To

Training and Services Manager

Duties & Responsibilities

Possess a comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in GD&T and workshop curriculum

  • Develop intimate knowledge with workshop curriculum to instruct on (1) dimensioning and tolerancing, (2) symbols and terms, (3) datums, (4) material condition/boundary/conventional tolerances, (5) form tolerances, (6) orientation tolerances, (7) location tolerances, and (8) profiles tolerances.
  • Review and develop a comprehensive understanding of six Level I Machining performance assessments (prints) to provide machining and inspection demonstrations using NIMS parts.
  • Establish a proficient understanding of inspection and grade reports, and project design principles.

Facilitate Machining workshops 

  • Prior to workshop date: 
  • Engage with host to ensure workshop facilities are adequate for instructional and handson activities, and online credential tests; this may require an on-site visit one day prior to the workshop start date
  • Book travel arrangements and document expenses in accord with NIMS contractor travel policy
  • During the workshop:  o Lead all theoretical and performance training activities
  • After the workshop:
  • Remain available to workshop hosts and attendees for technical inquiries

Fulfill ongoing training requirements as set forth by NIMS

  • Attend annual instructor training meeting at the NIMS office
  • Attend additional training meetings as scheduled by the NIMS office
  • Assist NIMS with development and/or modification of curriculum and associated materials


  • Minimum five years as a precision machining instructor in a secondary or post-secondary training program (required)
  • Minimum five years industry experience in precision machining (required)
  • Minimum A.A. or A.S. degree (required)

Additional Information

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

Workshops occur year round and on demand.  Long distance travel may be required.  Hours may include evenings and weekends.  Third shift hours may be required on rare occasion.  

Working locations may include college or high school educational settings or employer training facilities.  Conditions may include long periods of standing.  Instructors will interact with educators and school administrators, and precision machining professionals.

Status and Requirements

All workshop instructors are independent contractors.  Employment terms and compensation are negotiable and documented in an annual Independent Contractor Agreement.  Workshop instructors must sign a Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreement.

To Apply:

Please fill out this application form, which includes an upload area to add your resume. If you do not have a Google account, which is required to fill out our form, please contact Cathy Metcalf ( and Cathy will be able to accept your information in an alternative format.