Account Admin Webinar Series - October

NIMS users have been asking for test feedback, a more flexible payment process, and better visibility of your candidates and organization's data--and we have listened. There are also crucial updates to the proctoring process for theory exams, as well as a new process for submitting affidavits.

Attend this training to get a tour of the new interface while learning about what you need to do to get your organization ready to use the new testing center.
October 02, 2018 - October 31, 2018
Multiple Dates
Choose a date below that fits your schedule. Webinars will last about 45 minutes.

Register today for any of the following dates to get a tour of the new interface while learning about all the new features and process changes (all times are in Eastern):

  • Oct 2 3:30pm
  • Oct 3 3:30pm
  • Oct 8 11am (cancelled)
  • Oct 11 2pm
  • Oct 16 11am
  • Oct 19 2pm
  • Oct 22 2pm
  • Oct 26 11am
  • Oct 31 2pm