CNC Lathe II


  • Job planning and management
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Process adjustment and improvement
  • General maintenance
  • Industrial safety and environmental protection
  • Career management and employment relations
  • Written and oral communications
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering drawings and sketches
  • Measurement
  • Metalworking theory
  • Applied materials

Industry Standard

Machining Level II


  • Assessment Type: Print, time limit is 7 hours (from official blueprint only)
  • MET-TEC Inspection: Required
  • Performance Affidavit: Submitted online via evaluator


  • 70 questions
  • 90-minute time limit
  • Proctor required
  • Paper version available
  • Retake policy


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Study Material

  • From NIMS: None at this time
  • Endorsed Third-Party Materials: None at this time

Alternative Name(s)

In 2018 NIMS streamlined the names of our credentials in order to reduce confusion. The performance and theory assessments did not change. This credential has also been referred to by this name:

  • CNC Turning II