Basic Pneumatic Systems


  • Fluid power systems safety
  • Adjust pneumatic system branch operating pressure using a regulator
  • Adjust pneumatic actuator speed using a flow control valve
  • Service a pneumatic filter
  • Service a pneumatic lubricator
  • Install pneumatic conductors
  • Start up and shut down a reciprocating air compressor and adjust operating pressure
  • Install and test components in a basic pneumatic circuit
  • Install and test components in a pneumatic circuit
  • Troubleshoot a basic pneumatic circuit

Industry Standard

Industrial Technology Maintenance Level I


  • Assessment Type: CAR
  • MET-TEC Inspection: N/A
  • Performance Affidavit: Submitted online via evaluator


  • 74 questions
  • 90-minute time limit
  • Proctor required
  • Paper version available
  • Retake policy


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Study Material

  • From NIMS: None at this time
  • Endorsed Third-Party Materials: Goodheart-Willcox (textbook), Amatrol (e-learning)