2018-2019 Changes

New Testing Center Launched on October 1, 2018

Key features of the new site are:

  • Immediate test feedback and sample test environment for candidates
  • 24/7 reporting and improved purchasing functions available for account administrators
  • Electronic submission of performance affidavits
  • Accessible testing user interface, with screen reader support and keyboard navigation

Credentialing Process Changes

As of October 1, there were a few changes to the credentialing process to allow more flexibility for candidates and ensure better test security.

Taking a Test

Candidates no longer have to complete the performance part first for a credential—they can take the theory test first if it fits better with their training schedule!

However, before a candidate can take a test:

  1. It still must be purchased on their account (either by the candidate or an account admin).
  2. A proctor must be assigned to that candidate. Proctor codes will only work for candidates assigned to that proctor.

Account administrators are responsible for assigning proctors. Proctors can only be assigned after the test has been purchased on the candidate’s account.

Proctor Login

Proctors now have to login to get their proctor code, as it is an 8-digit number that is auto-generated. Existing proctors will be migrated, and their old proctor ID = new username and their old proctor code = new password. Proctors can contact NIMS if they don’t know their proctor ID/username.

Purchase Options Change

Beginning October 1, 2018, candidates and account administrators will be able to purchase subscriptions that include multiple tests in one bundled price. Subscription packages include unlimited attempts* for one calendar year from the purchase date for these categories:

*Two attempts per theory test will automatically be added to the candidate's account. Additional attempts can be unlocked by NIMS staff after sixty days.

As of July 1, 2019, NIMS will no longer offer single test purchases. Measurement, Materials & Safety will still be available to purchase by itself. On this date, the candidate registration fee will also be removed and subscription packages will be priced as below:

Electronic Affidavit Submission

There is a new role in the testing center called an Evaluator, and they are responsible for submitting affidavits online. Anyone who signs a performance affidavit (including those at the ends of CARs) will need to register as an evaluator or have that role added to their existing account.

Account administrators are responsible for assigning evaluators. Evaluators can only be assigned after the test has been purchased on the candidate’s account.

NIMS will no longer accept paper affidavits after July 1, 2019.